How to get monster legends free gems and Gold 2020

If you are here, you already know the values of Gems and Golds. You know how to use them these Monster Legends Hack to get the most dangerous monster to win over your opponents.

In Short, Gems are the most valuable thing in Monster legend, which make you do almost everything in the monster legends game. Mainly to buy any monster, open next level, or use Monster legends Hack


There are many ways to get free monster legends gems and gold.

  1. Organic Way (If you have a lot of Time): For Organic way you need to play the game regularly for a long time and earn the Gems and Gold on the way.
  2. Buy them using Real Money(If you lot of money):- Well if you are rich and have a lot of money, it’s the most natural way to get them, all you need to do is to buy them but clicking on getting Gem link in-game and go wild with them.
  3. Earn quick Gems by filling up quick offers(Recommended, if you just want to win over your friends):- We for this you have to spend few minutes to throw offer and fill it, and you get free gems instantly with Monster Legends Hack.
  4. Monster legends hack(Not Recommended, Go for it if you have nothing to lose):- Well monster legends gems hack trick mostly uses to baiting technique to get personal information. Well if you get it from a personal source, and then it’s good otherwise don’t try to hack monster legends to get gems.
  5. Monster legends cheat (Not Recommended): This is also another tricky way to get personal information.

You may have noticed in the arena, a lot of users already have maxed their monster power, despite being at the lower level of the game. And the reason is either they are spending a lot of money to buy gems or they earning quick gems using other means like we are proving here.


How to use this tool to get free gold and gems?

Well using this tool Monster legends hack is super easy. All you need to do is give your username or email of you Monster legend account, and choose how much gems and gold you want to get for free and press the generate button. It won’t ask for a password or any other details, so no trouble on the way. But it will ask for some fundamental question to authenticate either you are human or some automatic software, which is trying to steal all our gems and gold. Hope so you won’t mind to answering a few questions, all it will cost you a few minutes, but it will save a lot of extra gaming time and money. Which would you have ended up spending to earn that many gems and gold?

Some user has sent me a query about, is it safe to use, they usually had the doubt, it may block their account or something. So my simple answer is, No, if you still not believe me as some smart people just don’t just everyone. Well for extra suspicious people, they can test it by themselves by just creating a new account of Monster Legends and get free gems and gold. If that is working on their new account, then it will work on their old account as well.

monster legends free gems
monster legends

I’m an old member of Monster Legends community, to grow our community and put some suspense in the game I started this program of quick free gems. It bring more fun in the game; you can have a surprise attack on your opponent. Just trying to get an extra advantage to people who think out of the box, and try to find an innovative way to get gems and gold, Some people just stick to usual ways like simplifying playing game and earn them the hard way. That’s fun too but give a fight to people who have a lot of money at their disposal, I’m trying to give winning a chance to another user as well.

Note:- We don’t ask for any Credit Card info or any other PayPal account. We not dealing here in money, this tool is free for use. All you have to answer some simple question and you good to go.

Fun with Monster legends Facebook

Being a champion is an awesome feeling; everyone wants to taste the sweet nectar of winning. As we know Monster legend is a free game, but it’s a competitive game, you have to win over your opponent and get up in the ladder. Our free gems give you a push to reach the top quickly and have a dangerous monster to beat the crap out of your opponent.

Monster legends breeding guide on wiki

For new monster legend gamer, below are fe breeding guides and points, where you can use the gems. Practically you can do anything with gems

  • To buy food to feed the Monster
  • Buy gold to build new buildings like farms
  • You can buy an awesome monster.
  • Upgrade the level of your monsters.
  • Speedup the manufacturing of the building
  • To Speedup the hatching of eggs.
  • To buy new islands
  • To buy new buildings
  • To buy new habitats
  • To buy new ruins
  • To buy décor
  • Well, in short, all kind of stuff can be bough if you have plenty of gems. Well having free gems make the game much easier and fun with wasting a lot of time for earning them. Just focus on fun.

Why are we providing free gems?

As I explained earlier, I’m a member of Monster legends community. Monster Legends is a fun game to play. I believe it will be more fun if we had some extra surprises to it. Having extra gems give you a whole advantage, you can give surprise to your competitor, and he will be like, how it is possible. So he will start looking for more ways to get them.

2nd reason is well not all people have a lot of money to spend on gems. And you can buy them with money any time but gems are expensive, and all people cannot afford it, So we made a new way to give the edge to the people to have a fight and show their talent.

Monster legends hack how to get maze coins fast

A lot of people have this question, how to get maze coins monster legends or “best way to get maze coins monster legends” And my simple answer is to click on “Generate Free Monster Legends free gems” and get free gems and gold. Then you can buy maze coin in exchange for gems.

Note:- This is Monster legends tutorial to help enthusiastic Monster Legender. We providing monster legends tips for an Android or IOs users, just google us with following words like

  • monster legends hack Android

  • monster legends hack iOS

This tutorial will not teach you who to play monster legends

So best of luck and have fun. Keep winning…

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